What is AQTrainer.no?

AQTrainer is a global platform for personal training, both online and physically. AQTrainer offers coaching and personal training with coaches with high competence in their sport. With us, everyone is welcome, regardless of level, experience and goals.

Our team

CEO, Oslo

Joseph has extensive experience as a swimming instructor and with the administrative management of a swimming club and, among other things, has built up one of Norway’s largest swimming clubs. His main focus has been: customer journey, recruitment and quality.

COO, Oslo

Magnus is actively involved in Triathlon and has participated in a number of international competitions such as the WC and EC. In addition to being a top athlete, he has a great focus on building up AQTrainer with a focus on quality, marketing and technological solutions.


During the training, there will be various questions, where your online coach will be available to answer these continuously.

We currently carry out the activities in collaboration with you and find a suitable place/area. The exact time and place is agreed between NPT and the customer.

Our programs are individually adapted to your schedule, ambitions and needs. We use the electronic system which gives you a live program where you can continuously have a dialogue with the trainer and come up with questions and wishes about adaptations.

At Aqtrainer, we are concerned that all our employees have good experience in the sport they coach and are at a high professional and educational level. We assign you a trainer who matches your needs and goals.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any other or further questions.

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