Full focus on training and technique

AQTrainer annually conducts several training camps and training clinics where the focus is on sports and social activities. Training camps are held at home and abroad, where the facilities are adapted to the sport. Training clinics are carried out on the premises and are typically 1-2 days.

The term list for 2023/2024 will be published in the winter of 2023.


Clinics are shorter gatherings where we focus on developing you technically in your sport. Our focus is on individual development, which includes film analysis, workshops and opportunities to get assistance from the country’s best in your sport.

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Training camp

Optimal training conditions

We choose locations that are adapted to the various sports, so that you get a first-class experience throughout the journey, from hotels and meals to training facilities. When you participate in a camp run by Aqtrainer, the focus should be on sport and social activities.

Suitable for all levels

Training camp is an offer for everyone, where we adapt personal programs based on your needs and level. Ahead of the camp, a coaching meeting is held with a personal trainer who will set up a customized programme. Joint sessions and social gatherings are held, where sport is the focus.

All inclusive

Sport must be the focus, which is why we only choose hotels and locations that offer all inclusive. You get access to a fitness room, rest seating, swimming pool, and opportunities for massage. Between the training sessions, we plan for social activities and professional replenishment. There will also be a lot of time for themselves for those who prefer it.

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Our team of experts

Training camps and Clinics with coaches who have long and wide experience


We provide coaches who have long and good experience from the sport. They are ready to assist with arranging individual training programs and the implementation of joint sessions


The administration is highly knowledgeable about booking trips and planning camps and clinics. We make sure that you only need to think about training and social activities.

Our partners


Are you ready?

Information about camps and clinics will be published during the winter of 2023, if you don’t want to wait, you can send us an email now to be contacted when it will be possible to sign up.